Practical Classroom Strategies for Making Inclusion More Successful, Grades 6-12

Online Course

Course Objective/Goals

This online course features National Trainer Sonya Heineman Kunkel and a group of highly-skilled secondary teachers who demonstrate a number of effective strategies for enhancing the learning of students with special needs in inclusive classroom settings.

General education teachers who possess a repertoire of proven, practical ideas and strategies are more able to successfully address a wide range of student needs in secondary inclusive classrooms. This online course is loaded with sound techniques and engaging practices for creating productive, highly effective inclusive learning environments at the secondary level.

You will learn how to:

  • activate students’ prior knowledge to jumpstart their thinking and set the stage for academic success
  • modify instruction to meet students’ needs while maintaining curriculum rigor
  • increase student engagement with grade-level materials and concepts, especially struggling readers
  • incorporate a range of modalities into instruction and practice activities to make the most of student learning preferences
  • boost students’ ability to commit important information to memory and make learning their own
  • foster an inclusive, respectful classroom environment where all students thrive

Watch an excerpt from this course:

How This On Demand Course Works

Optional Graduate Credit

EDCU 9171


"Having a variety of teachers sharing their expertise was valuable in keeping it pertinent and interesting. Very helpful and thought provoking"
              - D. Seeling

"Thank you for this course. The concepts were well laid out and the strategies applicable and accessible. "
              - M. Look-Henry

"There are a lot of really good ideas in the video. They were presented in an easy to understand way and provide fuel for thought for the future."
              - A. Cardinal

"There were many useful takeaway strategies that can easily be implemented. I appreciated the demonstration of each activity. The ability to review a video more than once and the access to the downloads was especially helpful."
              - M. White

"I enjoyed the variety of activities and seeing the students in action."
              - L. Diggs

"The content was great and really had me thinking about my interaction with students and evaluating my tools and effectiveness with students.  There were many strategies that I can add to my tool belt."
              - S. Malsher-Lopez


System Requirements