Practical Strategies that Improve Students’ Reading Comprehension, Grades 3-6

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Course Objective/Goals

This video-based, On Demand Online course is a rich resource of comprehension strategies for teachers and students in grades 3-6. The strategies demonstrated and described in the course help intermediate students develop six key comprehension processes: previewing, making connections, self-monitoring, inferring, visualizing, and summarizing. By honing these thinking processes, students move beyond literal understandings of text and deepen their overall reading comprehension.

Intermediate-grade students need tools to help them construct meaning from increasingly complex material. This course is filled with effective, easy-to-implement instructional and practice strategies that help all students think more deeply about text. Featuring video clips filmed in intermediate-grade classrooms, this course will not only broaden teachers’ repertoire of engaging and effective comprehension strategies, students will also benefit from the wealth of strategies they can employ on their own to increase their understanding of text. 

You will learn how to:

  • Help students preview text in ways that promote increased reading comprehension
  • Use strategic questioning to strengthen and extend students’ ability to make inferences
  • Engage students in making connections and visualizing text to enrich their understanding of characters, settings and events
  • Make good use of a variety of structures and formats to help students summarize key information from their reading
  • Equip students with an array of strategies for self-monitoring their own comprehension

Watch an excerpt from this course:

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EDLU 9659


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