Using Practical Differentiation Strategies to Meet the Learning Needs of Gifted Students, Grades 2-6

Online Course

Course Objective/Goals

In this video-based online course, classroom teachers demonstrate several practical ways to differentiate instruction and learning for gifted and highly capable students within whole group, small group, and individual settings, grades 2-6. Five differentiation strategies are highlighted: tiered assignments, flexible grouping, providing choices, orbital studies, and curriculum buyout.
The purpose of this course is to show several practical, classroom-proven differentiation strategies that will enable you to better meet the needs of gifted and highly capable students in grade 2-6 classrooms. You'll see teachers increase subject area complexity, adjust content pacing, and deepen student thinking-- all within the context of grade level curriculum.

You will learn how to:

  • provide choices that enable gifted students to pursue their interests and deepen their understanding of curricular content and concepts
  • make optimum use of tiering within whole class assignments and independent activities
  • tap the power of small flexible learning groups, both teacher-directed and student-directed, to stretch and challenge students’ thinking
  • organize and monitor orbital studies and curriculum buyout projects in ways that increase gifted students’ motivation, productivity and learning
  • involve a variety of people in meeting the special learning needs of gifted students

Watch an excerpt from this course:

How This On Demand Course Works

Optional Graduate Credit

EDDU 9897


"This course allowed me to have much time to reflect and plan out my actions to take methods and organization directly into my classroom."
              - M. Jacob

"I appreciated the sample ideas and lessons for ways to integrate the core ideas in each lesson. The lessons and videos were well-paced and easy to follow. I enjoyed the course and learned a few new ideas."
              - M. Antos

"Great visual ideas for how to incorporate project based learning and  differentiation in the classroom."
              - K. Ogorman

"This online course was extremely helpful by providing clear explanations of the five modules for teaching gifted students.  I thoroughly enjoyed the videos of teachers working with students  demonstrating the differentiated strategies to meet their needs.  The note pages provided were very helpful as well. I look forward to implementing these in my own classroom."
              - L. Bailey

"This was great. I could complete at my own pace  and learned so many great ways to give gifted students what they truly need. I needed guidance and focus with this  and now I feel comfortable and ready to try these research-based practices in my own classroom!"
              - A. Tinkham

"Such valuable tools and loved and appreciated seeing them in action in each classroom/content setting."
              - C. Stief


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