Increasing Students' Mastery of Addition and Subtraction Facts, Grades 1-3

Online Course

Course Objective/Goals

Taped in primary classrooms, this video-based online course demonstrates a wealth of highly engaging ways to develop young students' proficiency with addition and subtraction math facts.

You'll see primary teachers using a wide variety of effective strategies and techniques that help students not only master math facts but develop number sense as well.

You will learn how to:

  • develop students’ understanding of  addition and subtraction through teacher demonstrations, the use of manipulatives and kinesthetic activities
  • enhance students’ facility with addition and subtraction using fact families, small group activities and hands-on materials
  • increase student automaticity with math facts through repeated practice in a variety of settings: whole class, partners, small groups, and individual
  • use math centers to productively engage students in practicing addition and subtraction math facts
  • provide additional, targeted practice opportunities for students who struggle with math facts

Watch an excerpt from this course:

How This On Demand Course Works

Optional Graduate Credit

EDDU 9396


"I love that I can watch real students in a classroom setting participating in the activities described in this course. That is invaluable. It is also very helpful to go back and observe portions of the video at a later date. The ready-to-go activity sheets made implementing activities quick and easy. Thank you for that."
              – J. Strasser

"I thought the course was excellent! I liked the way the material was presented and thought the information was very useful! Thank you."
              – C. Swindell

"I liked that the course was video based because I could see the concepts being utilized by real teachers. I found the printed resources to be particularly helpful."
              – G. Boardman

"I was able to identify strategies that I have not yet used in my classroom.  This course gave me a new tools and a new perspective on teaching math and focusing on the connection between understanding math concepts that will continue enhancing student's mastery with the foundations taught in this course."
              – S. Michael-Dobson


System Requirements