Improving the Behavior of Attention-Seeking, Manipulative and Challenging Students (Grades 1-12)

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Course Objective/Goals

This online course features Cindy Jones, behavior specialist, experienced special education teacher, former principal and national presenter. Cindy is passionate about finding creative approaches to working with students with sever behavior problems to improve learning outcomes and provide classroom support to all students. This course is focused on strategies, tools and researched-based approaches in deescalating behavior, teaching positive behavior and resolving challenging classroom conflicts. Cindy introduces the courses by offering tools that helped her create a welcoming, inclusive classroom for students who may or may not have behavior challenges. The course is packed with ideas on how to best apply research in a classroom setting with a variety of behavior challenges. Cindy shares dozens of practical strategies and techniques that helped her and teachers nationwide alike help students reduce unwanted behavior and learn new, positive behavior.

You will learn how to:

  • Create a more welcome and supportive learning environment for attention-seeking and manipulative students
  • Implement necessary corrective discipline procedures without resorting to unrelated and  unreasonable consequences
  • Avoid escalation of power struggles using alternatives to increased force and control
  • Explicitly teach interpersonal skills to help students learn appropriate behavior
  • Decrease defiant and attention-seeking behaviors in your classroom
  • Specifically address and support students with four types of behavior
  • Effectively use relationships with students to solve difficult conflicts and maintain a more calm classroom environment

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Optional Graduate Credit

EDDU 9058


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