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Grades 1-2: Using Vocabulary and Writing Strategies to Enhance Math Learning - Online Course - OMW1 - 149

The purpose of this course is to show how to lay a foundation for “writing to learn” in mathematics by developing primary students’ analytical thinking skills, increasing their math vocabulary, and engaging them in a variety of developmentally appropriate writing tasks.

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Grades 1-3: Increasing Students' Mastery of Addition and Subtraction Facts - Online Course - OMAO - 149

Taped in primary classrooms, this video-based online course demonstrates a wealth of highly engaging ways to develop young students' proficiency with addition and subtraction math facts.

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Grades 1-3: Strategies for Increasing Your Students' Reading Fluency - Online Course - ORFM - 149

This course will help you implement a wide variety of fluency-boosting lessons, strategies, and activities for primary-grade students. You’ll see experienced primary teachers working directly with young students, demonstrating ways to improve children’s reading rate, expression, phrasing, and intonation.

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Grades 1-3: Using Guided Reading to Strengthen Students' Reading Skills at the Developing Level - Online Course - ORG2 - 149

Growing literacy learners need a guided reading format that addresses their increasing capability and capacity for reading independence. In this online course two outstanding teachers and guided reading practitioners provide models, explanations, and suggestions for moving students from emergent level reading instruction into guided reading lessons and activities more appropriate to young, developing literacy learners

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Grades 1-3: Using Guided Reading to Strengthen Students' Reading Skills at the Fluent Level - Online Course - ORG3 - 149

As children progress to near-fluent and fluent levels of literacy, they continue to reap great benefits from the structure and support that guided reading provides. In this course, you'll see how young readers are able to strengthen their fluency, comprehension, and higher-level thinking skills over a wide variety of text, both fiction and nonfiction in small, flexible guided reading groups.

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Grades 2-3: Boost the Writing Skills of All Your Students with Highly Effective Whole Class Strategies and Routines - Online Course - OWCJ - 149

This outstanding video-based online course takes you inside the classrooms of two experienced, innovative teachers who use highly effective strategies to improve the performance of 2nd and 3rd grade writers. Guiding students through daily literacy activities strengthens their writing skills, establishes clear expectations for achievement and participation, and creates a positive attitude towards both reading and writing.

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Grades 2-3: Strengthening Students' Writing with Focused Mini-Lessons, Innovative Conferencing Techniques and Other Exemplary Strategies - Online Course - OWIJ - 149

The goal of writing instruction in grades 2 and 3 is to move students beyond “beginning writing” and help them become more self-sufficient, confident and proficient writers. In this On Demand, video-based online course, you’ll see strategies and techniques for enhancing students’ growth as writers within a highly productive, well-managed writing workshop.

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Grades 2-5: Comprehension Strategies That Help Your Struggling Students Be More Successful Readers - Online Course - OCSH - 149

In this online, video-based course, Linda Hoyt, a recognized expert in the field of reading, demonstrates outstanding comprehension strategies with groups of children, grades 2-5.

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Grades 2-6: Using Practical Differentiation Strategies to Meet the Learning Needs of Gifted Students - Online Course - OGDL - 149

In this video-based online course, classroom teachers demonstrate several practical ways to differentiate instruction and learning for gifted and highly capable students within whole group, small group, and individual settings, grades 2-6.

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Grades 2-6: Vocabulary Strategies that Boost Students' Reading Comprehension - Online Course - OVSR - 149

In this on demand, online course you will see a variety of strategies that expand the listening and reading vocabularies of elementary age students.

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Grades 3-5: Teaching Students to Comprehend More Deeply - Online Course - OLCB - 149

This course demonstrates strategies that are ideally suited to students in grades 3-5. Lessons include how to: use a range of texts to teach students to read for greater understanding, strengthen students' use of author's craft and text structure to increase their comprehension, and enhance students' ability to draw evidence from text and explain it orally and in writing.

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Grades 3-6: A Practical Approach to Classroom Management and Discipline: Management and Intervention Strategies that Keep Students On Task and Learning - Online Course - OMI2 - 149

This video-based professional development course demonstrates ways to manage highly productive learning situations, use intervention strategies to quickly address off-task student behavior, and implement a problem-solving approach to discipline.

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Grades 3-6: A Practical Approach to Management and Discipline: Strategies for Dealing with Challenging and Difficult Students - Online Course - OMI3 - 149

This video-based professional development course demonstrates practical, classroom-tested strategies for addressing the misbehaviors of difficult students and de-escalating potentially volatile situations. You'll also see how to apply these same strategies in conferences to help noncompliant intermediate grade students take responsibility for their actions.

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Grades 3-6: Developing Core Math Problem-Solving Strategies - Online Course - OMDO - 149

This course focuses on strengthening grade 3-6 students' use of tables, patterns, pictures, and diagrams as problem-solving tools. You'll learn the characteristics of effective problem solving instruction. All of the ideas, lessons and strategies in this course are designed to be implemented as part of an effective intermediate-level mathematics program.

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Grades 3-6: Enhancing Explicit Comprehension Instruction - Online Course - ORA1 - 149

This video-based, On Demand Online course demonstrates a research‑based, classroom-proven framework for teaching reading comprehension processes and strategies to students in the intermediate grades.

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Grades 3-6: Expanding Students' Repertoire of Math Problem-Solving Strategies - Online Course - OMRO - 149

In this course, you'll observe many ways to engage intermediate grade level students in developing more sophisticated problem-solving strategies. As students encounter open-ended problems, they must learn to select the most appropriate problem-solving strategies. You'll see how to help students use their complete repertoire of skills and strategies to solve interesting and engaging problems.

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Grades 3:6: Increasing Students' Mastery of Multiplication and Division Facts - Online Course - OMMO - 149

Intermediate grade students who have a firm grasp of math facts are better prepared for learning increasingly complex math concepts. This video-based course demonstrates a variety of highly engaging ways to develop upper elementary students' proficiency with multiplication and division math facts.

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Grades 3-6: Instructional Strategies for Guided Reading that Enhance Students’ Reading Comprehension - Online Course - ORGH - 149

This video-based online course includes demonstrations of six powerful instructional strategies that are ideally suited to guided reading in grades 3-6. These strategies focus students’ attention on key concepts, important details, and underlying themes in text. Some of the strategies can be used by students in their independent reading; some are designed to help teachers enrich students’ encounters with challenging text.

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Grades 3-6: Meaningful Independent Literacy Centers and Activities to Keep Students Learning While You Teach Reading Groups - Online Course - ORSD - 149

This online course takes viewers inside three schools where intermediate students are actively engaged in a wide variety of independent literacy-building activities as part of a comprehensive approach to literacy instruction. Far from "busy work," meaningful centers and assignments are ideally suited to learners in grades three through six.

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Grades 3-6: Practical Strategies for Differentiating Instruction: Making the Most of Student Choice and Small Instructional Groups - Online Course - ODI1 - 149

This video-based professional development course takes a look inside intermediate-grade classrooms where teachers and children are engaged in differentiated learning activities in core subject areas. Experienced teachers demonstrate classroom-proven strategies and activities designed to support differentiation, maximize student achievement across academic areas using choice options and enhance students' learning using small flexible groups.

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